What if your body could reverse lifestyle diseases?

Your body has immense power to self-repair. Join our residential retreat to heal yourself of lifestyle diseases. It will be a trans-formative experience of engaging head, heart and hands to understanding the disease and building personal paths of recovery. 

Who is it for?

People with Type 2 Diabetes, hypertension or obesity. Those with family history of diabetes are also recommended.
Type 1 Diabetics, contact us.

Case 1

You are between 18-35 and working hard towards your life goals. Recently diagnosed with diabetes/hypertension or obesity, medicines are now part of your lifestyle. These diseases eventually grow into many other chronic diseases in later life. An early health reboot can set you on path to long term health and freedom from medicines.

Case 2

You are above 40 and done enough in your life. A dedicated life towards your family, career and dreams. Diagnosed with diabetes/hypertension or obesity, you have been taking medicines for a long time. Things are only getting complicated. Starting self-repair can reverse your lifestyle diseases and bring freedom from medicines. Isn’t life worth a second innings?

How does it look ?

The science

Diabetes, hypertension (BP), thyroid, heart-attack, obesity are lifestyle disorders. Medicines can only manage them, which the reason one has to take medicines their whole life. Self-healing process doesn’t rely on medicines and gradually the medicines are eliminated. This process works through practices in body, mind, food and environment. Body is detoxified, internal fat is dissolved and receptors are activated. Our body has many microbes. (10 times the body’s cells)They play a huge role in maintaining health. Thus It is necessary to have a healthy and balanced microbial flora too.

Program facilitators

Dr V B Gupta

lifestyle disease expert, drug discovery scientist

Neelima Gupta

Food science and cooking superfood

Ramawtar Singh

connecting to body’s awareness and massage therapy birdwatching and wildlife

Madhur Anand

play and continuous learning, creative processes


Nature is the fifth facilitator.

Sehatvan or ‘healing forest’ is a retreat space close to nature. All the living spaces are built using natural materials and completely handmade. Organic farming has begun and the place aspires to grow a food forest. Close to nature, there are many ponds, streams and nature trails. More than 70 bird species visit in any given season. Visitors are welcome to contribute to the space and also do artwork.

Sehatvan is located 22 km from Bhopal city.

New batch for every month.

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In case you can’t attend the retreat but would still like to join the treatment, we can work-out a customized program for you, contact us.

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