Neelima Vipin Large


Diabetes Trust has been jointly founded by Neelima Gupta and Dr Vipin Gupta.

Neelima is a botanist and plant based nutrition expert. She has been working as a Research Associate in TIFAC-Center of Relevance and Excellence in Green Pharmacy under Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India.

Dr Vipin Gupta has been a Drug Discovery Scientist with Himalaya Drug Co (Bangalore), Banner Pharmacaps (Holland) and Auburn University (USA). He has also been a resource person with The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (Stockholm), and a co-speaker with Prof John Sulston (2002 Medicine Nobel) and Prof Robert Aumann (2005 Economics Nobel). Dr Gupta has published over 100 research papers and supervised 6 doctoral thesis. He, however, thinks his actual work has just began!